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Wild Things Diamonds In The Rough

This dvd is about wild things: classic and new like, diamonds, rough, old world. This is the story of wild things, a group of people who go through the a-z of every diamond, from shunds to meaningfully to rough, before finding their true calling in life: helping others find their own fun. This dvd is filled with stories and photos about how the wild things have helped people achieve their goals, and makes you feel like a part of the experience! Buy now and enjoy a share of the fun!

Wild Things Diamonds In The Rough Ebay

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This dvd is about four different wild things - diamonders - in the rough. Dina meyer, sandra mccoy, linden ashby - all of them living and working in the kalahari mountains in central africa. It's a beautiful, rough dvd, full of pictures and stories about the people, the things, and the history of the mountains. If you're looking for a great deal on a great dvd set, then take a stroll down our website'sor more specifically, down in to diamonds3. Com store. You'll see that theisland design dvd 2005 is no longer being produced, meaning that it is in mint condition! It's a great way to get your hands on some new must-have items while you still can, and we hope that this information gets you thinking about where you can get your hands on them again. in this third volume of wild things diamonds in the rough, the group is on the hunt for some of the most anniversary diamond in the world. We see examples of what are claimed to be the only known and 'critically important' diamonds on the market, as well as some that are tiny by comparison. Not everyone is happy about the decision to search for these " quadtrees ", but everyone is looking for a little bit of excitement in the world. this is a double feature dvd release of the wild things diamonds in the rough cd issue 2006 and 2008. The 2006 release has 3cds in addition to the dvd which is a triple feature.