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Sapphire And Diamond Ring

The sapphire and diamond ring collection is designed to give the customer the best possible experience. This ring collection includes 14k yellow gold sappires and diamonds in all different sizes.

Diamond Sapphire Ring

Diamond sapphire ring is a ring made of sapphire, a color of ice that is usually used in gemstones. It is a beautiful ring that will make a great gift.

Used Sapphire And Diamond Ring

This ring is made of 14k solid gold and is a diamond ring. The ring has a 6 ctw sapphire diamond ringand 6 12. It is considered a diamond ring because the diamond is the only bezel at the neck of the ring. The ring isapproximately 1/4 inches long and has a 14 karat gold content. this is a unique 18k yellow gold flower pearl ring. It is made of 12. 2 gms sz 5. 25 gold. The ring is a beautiful pink azure blue. The en chief's star is set off by a coppery chief with a sapphire blue and diamond ring. The ring is 12. 2 gms. It is a small ring for a large image. This is a beautiful ring for a large size. The ring is made of gold, and has a 12. 25 width. this ring is made with 14k gold and 5. 44ct sapphire. It is a beautiful ring that will add a touch of elegance to any outfit. The diamond accents ring is size 10 and is perfect for those who want a large diamond encounter. this ring is a brilliant yellow gold size 8. Tanzanite is a rare and dull blue (tawny) stone. It is found in two colors, pink and sapphire. This ring is made from 14k yellow gold plate. It has a small diamonds3. Com on therand and a large diamonds3. Com in the band between the fingers. The enlighing weight of thestone makes it comfortable to wear.