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Lab Created Diamond Rings

Looking for a amazing diamond ring? look no further than the lab created diamond rings! This 2. 50ct diamond cluster statement cocktail ring is a beautiful 14k white gold finish. With stunning visuals and an amazing value, the lab created diamond rings are a must-have for any diamond-relatedabilia collector.

Top 10 Lab Created Diamond Rings

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Cheap Lab Created Diamond Rings

This lab created diamond ring is perfect for women who are looking for a pearl-like look on their wedding ring. The 2ct pear-shaped diamond cluster is set in 14k white gold and features a love heart design. This ring is also available in a 14k white gold over color. The setting is a 14k white gold finish and the color is blue tanzanite. The design is a close up view of a solitaire with a 14k white gold finish. our certified 3. 50ct princess cut diamond three-stone engagement ring 14k white gold is a beautiful and certified 3. 50ct diamond. This ring is certified for 3. 50ct, or otheropez planar, and has a 14k white gold content. This ring is a perfect choice for a special occasion. lab created diamond rings are the perfect way to ensure your ring is perfect from the moment you hand it in. Lab created rings are certified to 3. 50ct moissanite and are hand-crafted with absolute care in the best commits in the world.