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Diamond Willow

Looking for a luxurious walk? you'll love the delicacies of diamond willow wood! This wood-veneer-hiking cane has a new design by american artist, zacharyia pratt. He's creating adorable carved cane hiking carvings of natural disasters, such as rain or snow.

Diamond Willow Walking Sticks

Do you want to find a walking stick that is both comfortable and durable? if so, then you should consider consideringdiamond willow. This walking stick is made from durable materials that will not let you down when you need to walk. Additionally, this stick is comfortable to hold because it is made with a soft surface for your hand. So, you can trust that this walking stick will keep your hand warm and your hand safe.

Diamond Willow Walking Stick Blanks

The diamond willow walking stick is a beautifully designed walking stick. It is made of hardwood and is black. It is long and tapered just enough to providefinally, the handle is made of plastic and titanium and has a black metal sheath. It is easy to hold and is comfortable to walk with. this is a perfect 38 inch long walking stick with a 25 inch wide blade. The stick is un carved in the center with a name and date. The stick is complete with no repairs other than being in excellent condition. The walking stick is made of carved willow which is a type of tree that is often used in carvings. The stick is perfect for a spokesmith, carving a name ordates with. The stick is made of carved willow and is a type of tree that is often used in carvings. the diamond willow walking stick has an extra thick carvings blank and is wrapped in a mixed media paintings. It is a unique piece of art and will add a touch of elegance to any setting. this walking stick has a 50 diamond willow carvings on the front and back. The carvings are in a natural white manner and are very sharp and clear. The carvings are starting to form tarnish but will eventually clean off. This walking stick is in great condition and is easy to peel.