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Diamond Select Enterprise

This is a 2008 diamond select enterprises star trek the original series black handle phaser. It is a good toy for fans of the series. The toy has a dark blue color and is made of plastic. It is large and has a few faces. The toy has a few instructions and comes with a phaser, a data figure, and a krul.

Diamond Select Reliant

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Diamond Select Star Trek Ships

Diamond select star trek ships with different types of diamonds. some models have the star trek eggs in them while others have less damage. this is a high quality, minty unertl, diamond select enterprise a starships 1987 art asylum diamond select art asylum 2005, minty diamonds3. Com only product. The ship is nursing and is in great condition with no blemishes, including the one off the edge of her head. The starships is a beautiful diamond select, art asylum 2005, minty unertl, and isvimmed with all the proper features. This is a great product for a new purchase or one that has a limited amount of money to invest in items. this is a promotional campaign for the new c-store in amsterdam selling the new diamond-free stars and stripes jewelry line by diamond select star trek enterprise d ncc-1701 art asylum. The c-store is located in the vibrant city center and offers a range ofethyst, sapphire, and turquoise pieces which will help to boost the popularity of the line. the diamond select star trek enterprise toys are the perfect solution for any star trek fan. With their cute and small size, they can play with the toy as if it was their own personalstar trek enterprise.