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Diamond Loot Chest Borderlands 3

Introducing the diamond loot chest inborderlands 3! This beautiful chest features a beautiful diamond bollus-gem, but at the same time, it is extra big for its size. This find limited only comes from the borders of this game. Get your hands on it today!

Best Diamond Loot Chest Borderlands 3

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Diamond Loot Chest Borderlands 3 Walmart

This borderlands 3 diamond loot chest collectors' sanctuary 3 ship snap model is only a copy/paste of the actual product - not the one that's in stores! This is a new, perfect, three-dimensional version of the chest that is always a popular item in the collectors' sanctuary 3 ship snap model. this is a great way to add a bit of flavor to your room or desk space! The borderlands 3 diamond loot chest collectors edition includes exclusive content such as keychains and figurines from the borderlands 2 and 3 games. This 4k solution is a perfect addition to any room or desk and perfect for showing off your borderlands 2 or 3 skills. this is a great opportunity to get your hands on some of the latest 8x8"" of borderlands 2. 0 and 3. These cover all of the game's collector's edition items, such as quest packs, costume items, and more. They may come with unopened boxes, but are likely to be in one piece thanks to the group of developers naomi and her team have put into this game. Diamond-shaped logo in the top left corner. It is perfect for holding your favorite's or giving as a gift! The chest is also lined with other precious stones and has a safety catch to keep it from falling apart over time.