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Diamond Heart Rings Yellow Gold

Diamond heart rings are a perfect accessory for your necklace or jewelry. With a white gold finish, these rings are durable and a beautiful yellow gold. They come in a 5 ct round cut, with a 14k yellow gold finish. They are perfect for a stylish and perfect gift.

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Heart Ring Size 4.25

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Heart Ring Size 4.25

By Colonial Trading Company


Best Diamond Heart Rings Yellow Gold

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Cheap Diamond Heart Rings Yellow Gold

This diamond heart necklace is a 14k yellow gold necklace with a 4 ct round vvs1 diamond emerald open heart pendant necklace on the neck. The necklace is also equipped with a 14k yellow gold chain. The necklace is making a gift for a special someone and is called "diamond heart rings". this diamond heart rings yellow gold infinity charm pendant has a 14k yellow gold over surface. The pendant is 0. 60ct round cut and has a vvs1 diamond heart infinity charm design. It is made from diamond and has a 14k yellow gold surface. The pendant is moving meditation, health and wealth stones. the ring is a size 5. 0 gm and is made of 14k white gold with a yellow gold content. The size of the ring is h. 14, 5, and is size 5. 8 gm. this is a 2. 8 carat yellow gold heart-shaped ring. It is 2. 8 g (2 on the hand and 2 on the heart) and has a 2. 8% thallium content. It is also 2e-zinced and finished with a color-urdue gold-coated cameo.