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Citrine Diamond Ring 14k Yellow Gold

Are you looking for a beautiful, 14k yellow gold oval citrine and diamond ring? you've come to the right place. Our diamond ring is made of 14k yellow gold and features a beautiful yellow gold. The ring is large enough to fit a birthstone and is usually $1, 500 per piece.

Citrine Diamond Ring 14k Yellow Gold Target

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Top 10 Citrine Diamond Ring 14k Yellow Gold

The citrine diamond ring is a beautiful 14k yellow gold engagement ring complete with a three-stoneengagement ring 14k white gold finish. The ring is made to be a beautiful engagement ring with excellent quality and performance features. The ring is set with a choice of either a white or black onyx stone, and is finished with a choice of various different filters and enamels. This ring is a excellent choice for a romantic evening out or for serving as a beautiful reminder of the happy occasion. One for women and the other for men. It is created by one of the most successful designers in the world, long-time uniqlo employee and personal friend of the family, redits the ring with 14kta part for its quality and craftsmanship. The ring is 2 ct on a clear gold tone precious metal stone with a 14k yellow gold update. It is hand-made in the heart of advanced industry, in the heart of the world's most prestigeous city. The ring is bezelless and has a small gold delete on the day of delivery. It is as shown in the picture. This ring is perfect for a special someone, a loved one, or a one-time gift. this ring is a beautiful 14k yellow gold size 5. The citrine quartz halo is located within the ring and it is made up of 24 diamonds. The ring has a 24. 35 ctw 14k yellow gold size 5. this 14k yellow gold eternity band is perfect for those special moments. It features a pear-shaped citrine diamond, perk-shaped up into a d-shaped diamond, and a 3. 5 carat yellow gold content. It is set with a large gold filigree sapphire. It is perfect for your loved ones.