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101 Dalmatians Diamond Edition

This is a 12-volume set of the classic walt disney classic, 101 dalmatians. The set contains the 12 full episodes of the classic tv series, which are each stocked in one large book-like cover. These books are eachbound and measure 12. 5" with beautiful black diamond editions. Each episode is contains stories and illustrations, and is donated by the walt disney company. This rare 12-volume set of the classic walt disney classic, 101 dalmatians, is available in a one-size-fits-all box edition of 20"x25" with beautiful black diamond editions.

101 Dalmatians Black Diamond

The dalmatian is a dog breed that is found in croatia, hungary, serbia and montenegro, and slovenia. They are small to medium size dogs with dull black fur and brown or black and green ends to their fur. They are hirundineoas, or "black diamondales". the dalmatian is a good-natured dog that like most dog that is originally from croatia, they are hirundineoas, or "black diamondales".

Black Diamond 101 Dalmatians

This video is about the black diamond 101 dalmatians vhs 1992 rare black diamond edition. If you're looking for a rare and classic video on dalmatians, this is the one for you! The video is approximately 18 minutes long and it's a directors' cut release. this is a vhs tape of the movie "101 dalmatians" which was released in 1992. It is a rare black diamond edition. The tape is about a half hour long and contains about 2 minutes of footage. the dalmatians are back and this time they're more than ready to take over the world! This new blu-ray dvd and digital edition have everything you need to know about the gang's next big adventure - from the amazing dalmatian artwork to the exclusive new video quality video. This is the perfect way to get into the game and make the most of this exciting story. Along with their new hind legs! The dvd also features live footage and photos from the dalmatians' first show in croatia in over 10 years, as well as the first ever broadcast of the dalmatians on croatian television! The result is an amazing piece of history and history at that!